Hogan Law Associates LLC
The law firm Hogan Law Associates LLC was founded in conjunction with F/S Capitol Consulting, LLC, a government relations and lobbying firm in Providence, Rhode Island. Hogan Law Associates is in the unique position of representing on regulatory, compliance, administrative and municipal matters to its own clients, as well as providing legal services to F/S Capitol Consulting's government relations clients. The attorneys and lobbyists in these two firms work closely together to successfully provide comprehensive services to meet the clients' needs.

Hogan Law Associates also represents clients' interests before the National Association of Attorneys General, the Democratic Attorneys General Associations, the Republican Attorneys General Association, and the Conference of Western Attorneys General on complex, multi-state matters. The firm provides extensive and sophisticated advice and analysis to clients who decide to engage with or must respond to inquiries from the Attorneys General. The firm monitors ongoing activities and trends by tracking emerging policy issues, litigation and settlement tendencies, and related matters involving individual AGs and within the four organizations. The firm also monitors campaign and election trends which strengthens the analysis which enables clients to make sound judgments in each matter related to the Attorneys General.

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